We no longer fit LPG systems However we can service and fault find on an existing system, provided we have the software to accomplish this.

LPG Introduction

LPG stands for liquefied petroleum gas and is a type of ‘liquid gas’ that can be used as a fuel for a variety of purposes, including powering cars.

LPG burns in exactly the same way as petrol, therefore petrol vehicles are most suitable for LPG conversion.

Switching to LPG will yield the following benefits:

Save Money: LPG is much cheaper than Petrol, therefore reducing the overall running costs of a vehicle by up to 40%

Save the Environment: The combustion of LPG is much cleaner than Petrol, reducing exhaust emissions and helping to save our environment

Engine Life: As LPG is cleaner than Petrol, this results in less carbon build-up within the engine, which can lead to an increase in engine life

An LPG system requires several components to be installed into your vehicle, most notably the LPG tank and the filling connection. The LPG injection equipment is installed in the engine bay along with the ECU that controls the system. Once your vehicle has been converted to LPG, the engine can run on either petrol or LPG, this is controlled by a switch that is neatly installed in the cabin.

We are fully qualified LPGA approved LPG installation engineers. As Approved Installers, we are committed to supplying safe, reliable systems, designed to last the life of a vehicle. 

DynoTech LPG Conversion & Services

LPG Conversions

  • We supply and install the latest generation LPG systems that will be best suited to your vehicle and utilise sequential gas injection technology:
    • Vapour phase injection (VPI)
    • Liquid phase injection (LPI)
    • Liquid phase direct injection (LPDI)
  • We support our LPG installations with a full two year parts warranty that allows customers to drive away with complete confidence.
  • We welcome your call to discuss which LPG system is most suitable for your vehicle

LPG Servicing

  • In addition to LPG conversions, we also provide a complete maintenance, repair and fault diagnosis service
  • An LPG vehicle is supposed to be serviced once a year or every 12,000 miles whichever comes first.
    • Servicing starts from £135  for a 3/4 cylinder engines including changing all filters and takes between 1.5-2 hours
    • Some systems are more expensive such as Prins, due to the cost of the filters, but still only starts at £145 for a 4 cylinder engine.
  • Most LPG repair work can be carried out by us and with over 20 years’ experience we can normally have you back on the road quickly and cheaply
  • Amongst others, we can repair and service the following LPG systems:
    • OMVL,  Bigas, Lima, BRC, King, Stag, lpgtech, eGas, Prins, Eurogas Romano, Zavoli, Millennium,  Stefanelli, Vialle, Impco, Leonardo, and Voltran