Aftermarket ECUs – The basics

The engine control unit (ECU) is the “brain” of your vehicle, it controls everything about your engine’s operation. The ECU is in constant communication with the various sensors and actuators on the engine to precisely control its performance and efficiency, based on the driver’s inputs.

A standard ECU is preloaded with a vast amount of data specific to your vehicle, including calibration data for each sensor, including: manifold absolute pressure (MAP), air intake temperature (AIT), mass airflow meter (MAF), crank sensor, cam sensors, oil pressure senor, oil temperature, coolant temperature sensors, knock sensors, exhaust gas temperature, lambda sensors.

Similarly, the ECU contains calibration files for the all the actuators, such as injectors, idle speed control valves, CAM phasors valves, electronic throttle valves etc.​

At DynoTech we can do amazing things by remapping your factory ECU, see our ECU remapping services for more details, however your modifications become more significant, and you can quickly exceed the abilities of your standard ECU and ultimately limit your performance improvements. ​

An aftermarket ECU will give you huge opportunities for your car, enabling you to unleash the full potential of all the modifications, and performance parts installed on your vehicle. ​

Aftermarkets ECUs are often loaded with features such as: ​

  • Multistage and progressive nitrous oxide, ​
  • Boost control systems, boost-by-gear, shift lights​
  • Motor sport features; launch control, anti-lag, traction control​
  • Safety features; limiters, limp modes and temperature limits​
  • CAN communications to support a race dashes and data logging​
  • General Purpose Outputs (GPO’s) to control almost anything else that is electrically activated such as radiator fans, electronic torque converters, auxiliary fuel pumps, intake runner flap valves, CAM phasing systems, etc.​

There are many ECUs available on the market, and with over 35 years’ experience in this industry, there are not many ECU’s that we haven’t worked with.

We are agents for LINK ECU, Haltech plus many more, we also offer our DynoTech RS600 ECU that has been designed and developed in house. DynoTech can supply, fit and advise you on a set up to suit your application. 

  • We can fit or just tune most standalone ECUs.   If we can get a lead, and software,  we will tune it for you on our dyno!!​
  • All standalone! ECU’s​

DynoTech offer wiring, install and tuning services for most types of aftermarket programmable ECU’s – Even if you already have an ECU fitted to your project and you want to take advantage of the Dynotech difference, give us a call now! ​

We tune the vehicles on the Dyno, using steady state conditions to accurately tune the fuel and ignition tables. But that’s only part of the tuning. We focus heavily on drivability so that the car is both powerful and a pleasure to drive.​

Advanced features like ignition cut, closed loop, knock sensing, traction control, DBW, and variable valve timing can be tuned.​

You can expect great drivability, cold start, low speed manners and fuel economy.​

All dyno tuning is based on Air Fuel Ratio readings and Knock Sensing for the safety of your engine.​

We are happy to help in wiring your vehicle as that is the important foundation of a stable and reliable aftermarket ECU installation, avoiding issues down the line​