Welcome to DynoTech

DynoTech is part of the Autotech Group Nottingham Road Ripley Derbyshire. Autotech have been fitting LPG systems for performance, power and economy for the last 10 years and have been involved in modifying and tuning engines for many years. Our customer database includes people from all over the country, such is our reputation for excellence.

Our time served technicians are here to help you achieve the best possible performance from your vehicle using the rolling road, and state of the art data-logging equipment to analyse all aspects of fuel, timing and boost parameters.

Our DynoTech workshop facilities are second to none in Derby Derbyshire for rolling road days and power runs, and we certainly welcome enquiries from both private individuals to club or race teams.

Below you can see the many facets to our business:

Tel: 01773 741230

Fax: 01773 748930

53 Nottingham Road



United Kingdom


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