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Remapping Services

The first thing to be done before starting to tune your car is to establish what modifications, if any, have been made to the engine, the rev limit (on modified engines]), and the recent history of the engine, which is quite an important factor. If your engine has recently been rebuilt it will need running in before a full power run. Any engine could be run in on the rollers if necessary, but this obviously adds to your costs. Our high power fan (85 mph) keeps your engine cool during the whole procedure.

If the engine proves to be running fairly well we would start with an power run at this point to establish initial torque and power, this will also highlight if there are any problems. For high power or cars with very low gearing we can alter the load factor of the dyno to slow the rate of acceleration. This and many other factors makes the Dyno Dynamics rolling road in a class of its own for steady state and adjustable ramp rate abilities. The dyno software can graph power and torque against RPM with extreme precision. We can also overlay fuelling, speed, boost and more.

3D ECU Remapping Software

Now we can commence with the tuning process, including compression tests, ignition system condition, performance, carb balance, fuel pressure and finally recalibration of fuelling and ignition under differing load and rpm stages. When calibrating fuel, the dyno is used in steady state where the operator will limit the maximum road speed regardless of throttle position and power output. By staying in the chosen area every rpm increment and throttle position can be accessed and the fuel and ignition calibration checked and adjusted. This process is particularly important when mapping engine management systems with hundreds of load and rpm sites that can be calibrated.

We carry stocks of jets (for carburettor engines), but we cannot guarantee to have your exact requirements as there are so many variables Having fully tuned your engine, final power runs are carried out to check that the adjustments made have translated into a good blend of improvements in power, torque and driveability, these final touches will enable fine changes to ignition or cam timing if necessary. You will be given print outs showing the power, torque and any other data.

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Engine management mapping and ignition systems, generally takes 3 to 4 hours, whilst full engine management usually takes 4 to 5 hours to map from scratch. We will map all the areas necessary to get the best possible driveability and power from your system. This means you will leave our premises with the full benefit of a custom tuning and remapping which we have designed for your vehicle, and your vehicle alone.

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Our Warranty

All our remaps come with a lifetime warranty against defect or corruption. The original ECU map is stored so we can restore your car back to standard at any time.

7 Day 100% Money Back Trial Period

If you cannot feel the extra power and torque after the remap, or get turbo diesel fuel economy gains, we have this guarantee to put your mind at rest.

Better Diesel Economy

We guarantee the remap will provide better turbo diesel fuel economy (MPG) when coupled to the same driving style used before the remap.